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Corporate Moves

At Secure Choice Moving & Storage in Prince Albert. We offer a range of moving products and services. We are bonded and insured. Secure Choice offers free moving quotes.

Call us for packing, storing, or moving tips. Let us know how we can help!

Businesses need to be flexible in an uncertain economy. Some businesses are downsizing, some closing, and some moving or expanding. Whatever path that your business is taking, we might be able to help.

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Secure Choice Moving & Storage of Prince Albert specializes in corporate moves. Our staff has the knowledge and equipment to get the job done right. Your staff might be great with spreadsheets but not with moving filing cabinets or desks. It makes sense to use your staff for the tasks that they were hired for. Not for things totally outside of their job descriptions. For any kind of corporate move, across the hall or across the province. Call Secure Choice Moving & Storage. Let us handle the move while you excel at your job.

Some packing and moving tips for corporate moves:


Filing Cabinets

We recommend that contents are removed from filing cabinets before they are moved. In some cases, the loaded drawers can be removed and moved separately from the cabinets. We are able to move your filing cabinets quickly, efficiently, and with no damage! The contents of 4-drawer, lateral, or wall filing cabinets must be removed. We can supply bankers boxes for file transportation if required. Please note, internal shifting of the rails within the cabinets may occur. These rails can be realigned at the end of the move.



Before you begin your moving process, be sure to prepare a floor plan. Map your new location and set up a labeling system to keep everything organized. We recommend colour-coding and a numerical scheme for any important files. This will simplify the process. When the move is complete, your belongings will be where you need them to be.


Computers and specialized equipment

We recommend that you consult with your I.T. department or other computer specialists. In most cases, this equipment is typically handled by them and they will prep the equipment for the move. Once everything is unplugged and free of attached wires, we will come by and take care of the rest.



Secure Choice carries a complete range of cartons, tape, and bubble wrap for purchase. This can assist with streamlining the packing process. We will also arrange a delivery time that works for you. A thorough, complete packing job is essential for a successful move. Everything stored in cabinets, drawers, closets, and other offices must be packed. We recommend filling the boxes to the top. This adds some strength and consistency amongst the boxes. On moving day, we will bring bins and cartons to carefully transport your boxes.